PayClix is the result of a collaboration of property owners and managers who wanted to offer their residents the ability to make rental payments online. With the growing use of electronic payment systems, it seemed natural to extend electronic payments to resident rents.

In early 2004, when we surveyed the available options, we couldn't find a solution that matched the way we (and other property owners) did business. Simply put, other payment processing services took the payment from the resident and then deposited it into the landlord's account. Period. There was no special handling of partial payments, late payments, application fees or any of the other receipts which make up the bulk of the transactions we saw every month. And, the other online payment processing services seemed unaware of the legal ramifications of accepting a partial or late payment.

So, with the assistance of a team of skilled software analysts and programmers, we developed PayClix - our proprietary electronic payment system for landlords and tenants. And, along the way, we made so many technological innovations that we've now applied for a patent on our technology and methodology.

Before we told anyone about Payclix, we ran it for several months using our own properties as beta test sites. Then we actively sought out other owners, property managers and accountants who handle property portfolios both large and small. We showed them what we were doing and we asked for their comments and suggestions. Some things they liked and more importantly, some things they didn't. We went back to our developers and they worked further magic and now we have PayClix - a mature, robust, secure and feature rich online payment processing solution.

We truly believe PayClix is the EASIEST way to pay and collect rent online!

Thank you for your interest in PayClix and we wish you all the best in all your property endeavors.

Ed Hall     Carl Dyess
Payclix.Com Founders



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